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Jess Robyn is making ‘Waves’ with her soon to be released single, adaptly named ‘Waves’

New Forest raised, singer/songwriter, Jess Robyn, has been honing her craft and unique vocal tones in preparation for the Summer Festival Season.

This extremely talented and versatile young artist with a powerful voice mature beyond her years, is one to get on your radar right now.

 Drawing Influence from artists from all genres and generations, Jess has developed her own strong and unique ‘pop’ style, which she delivers with a bold modern arrangement and bassy undertones.

Jess first set the local charts alight with with her debut single ‘Ignite’ in 2018, followed shortly by ‘You & Me’ and then in 2019 ‘Sweet Lies’ and soon to be released ‘ Waves’ from her forthcoming EP.

Gaining traction with every release, each track explores different aspects of her vocals and unique singing style.

  Fusing a dreamy mixture of raw pop, electronic/dance and soul, this lends her distinctive vocals to a variety of genres. Her earlier repertoire has been likened to soulful legends like Amy Winehouse, whilst ‘You & me’ is more inline with raw pop, tinged with candyfloss, with its catchy tune and sing-a-long lyrics. ‘Sweet Lies’ whilst being drawn into the vintage grading of the video, you’ll not be disappointed to hear an upbeat disco track. Yet, her new single ‘Waves’ has a much more contemporary vibe with a darker undertone, consistent with artists such as Billie Eilish.

Where did you get your inspiration for the lyrics for ‘Waves’ from?

“ Inspiration came from my life experiences really and how things that have happened have made me feel. I want to express myself and my thoughts and feelings through my music, it’s a way of processing my emotions and the way I feel. For me, songwriting isn’t about the audience necessarily but understanding exactly what you as the artist, intended the song to be about. I think that people should be able to interpret songs in a way that they can connect or relate to the lyrics to give a song a more personal meaning to them. So, with ‘Waves’ I really wanted to evoke a sense of losing control, but being able to regain the courage to take charge of the situation. How to keep your head above the water and prevent yourself from drowning in a wave of anxiety and/or emotions.

Lyrics -  

Opening line: “feel like I’m in my emotion, brain filled with the ocean waves, washed away”

Chorus:  “So just stop when you when you’re talking, no, try to run when you’re walking, no, you don’t know, never get it, woah, so just stop oh woah”

And for the video?

This parts always fun! Most of the time my videos are just random and spontaneously filmed. For  ‘Sweet Lies’, we found this really cool wall covered in graffiti that was perfect for the Instagram vibe that we wanted to replicate. However, for ‘Waves’ it was a slightly different thought process. I had this vision of using a swimming pool so that the water could represent the deep and drowning feelings that I wanted to portray in the video. I also really wanted some random weird shots, which we filmed involving alphabetti spaghetti, to convey the idea of losing control of your words; although it probably wasn’t the best idea as I forgot how much I despised that stuff, it tastes so bad! Trying to spell out ‘STOP’ on my tongue, with these pieces of spaghetti was such a challenge and most of it just fell on the floor or down myself. It was hilarious trying to take this seriously when we were all just falling about laughing.

You’re able to catch a sneaky peak of ‘Waves’ prior to release at one of Jess’ live gigs. She’s performing at ‘Joiners Arms’ (referred to as Southampton’s Cavern Club),  the iconic, grassroots music venue, that has played host to some of the biggest names in music. Oasis, Coldplay, David Gray, Verve, Skunk, Supergrass and Manic Street Preachers are some of the artists that have cut their teeth here before claiming fame.

Jess is also performing at Salisbury’s legendary ‘Lamer Tree Music Festival’ where they’re always seeking out new and emerging artists and bring them to the forefront.

For other live ‘Tour Dates’ they can be found on the links below: You’re also able to pre-sav ‘Waves’ on Spotify or pre-order on i-tunes,  plus enter into a free competition to win an awesome ‘Kitsound boombar and bluetooth speaker’. Winners to be announced 5th July Instagram & Facebook Live




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